Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"What would mom say???"

It is completely normal to have to spend a little bit of money when you move away. Life is so busy all the time it will be so nice to have the new Marcia Lynn Mcclure books (yes, I gave in and bought both) to read when I get a little stressed, so that purchase is completely justified :D. Then there is the ten dollars I spent towards signing up for the Ensign. I couldn't have spent my money any wiser. Mom would be pleased. She would also enjoy the fact that the swimsuit she was going to buy me over the summer is now in stock and 40% since I never got it then... why not get it when it's on sale.
Tomorrow I will consider an appropriate place to hide my bank card before I get too carried away. I'm sure it won't take me too long to remember I am a poor BYU student who needs to buy grocery's, get quarters for laundry(buy laundry detergent), visit Macey's, and all the other fun things that come with my new life.
PS. The mini Crunch bars....well those weren't a good purchase at all haha, but have you met my roommate we like to call her 'Satan' because she convinces you to buy everything. Thanks a lot Karen!


  1. Nah, you deserve everything you bought I'm sure. And as far as Karen being "Satan"....I think she's far from that!

  2. Really Carson???? :D Suck up...haha