Tuesday, September 27, 2011

gimmie gimmie

I want a truck.
I want a sports car.
I want a jeep.
I want a silver porsche... or mr. beans car.
I want to have millions of those smelly trees so my car always smells amazing.
I want some sweet rims.
I want to make up my own licence plate.
I want a wicked stereo system.
I want the cooling/heated seats buttons.
I want a heated steering wheel.
I want XM radio tuned to the highway.
I want a portable vacuum in my trunk.
I want to have a little soccer ball hanging from my mirror w/ my grad tassle. Tacky...yes =)
Even this could work just fix it up a little haha.

Sadly, I think a vehicle of any kind is not in my future.
Give it a few years....maybe?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Music for your Monday

So all week this song has just kept a smile on my face.
I danced to it.
I sang along with it.
I sang it in the shower.
I drove around listening to it.
I hung out with Jillian Michael's, listening to this in the background. (Strange I know)
I made dinner listening to this song.
I prepared myself for an intense weekend listening to this.
Yes, pretty sure in the last week this song became my top played song.

All About Us - He Is We ft. Aaron Gillespie

Listen to it while it's blasted.....makes it so much better =)
Since I'm not a huge fan of owl city I prefer this version the best.
Sorry it's nothing new.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

such is life...

I wish I would've looked farther down each road, in life, I was shown.
 I could have been more.
Somethings can't be undone.

I wish I had matured a little faster.
I wish I hadn't hurt people.
I wish I had been a better friend.
I wish I had smiled more.
I wish I had made more people's days.
I wish I would have worked harder.
I wish I would've thought less about me.
I wish I would have looked harder.
I wish I would have forgave faster.
I wish I would have laughed things off.
I wish I would've been a better sister.
I wish I would've helped my mom more.
I wish I wouldn't have taken things for granted.
I wish I would've been more thoughtful.
I wish I could've seen past the present.
I wish I hadn't forgot.
I wish I would have seen what mattered most.
I wish I could've wanted what I want now.
I wish I would've said I love you more.
....but such is my life

.... and now I know just a little bit more....
and now I know

Monday, September 5, 2011

My FIRST.... music monday =)

Haha so I recently bought a bunch of music and I just have to share some of it because I love music!

 to the country lovers: blake shelton - who are you when i'm not looking
                                     lady antebellum - dancin' away with my heart
                                       scotty mccreery - the trouble with girls
                         personal fav: julia sheer - airliner (sooooo good found this one from my friend Jane)

girly songs: jessie j -who you are
                      megan nicole - b-e-a-utiful
                         pia toscano - this time

re-done: boyce avenue ft. kina grannis- fast car

Then a special song that I would like to dedicate to all our loved ones out there who have had cancer:
 martina mcbride - im gonna love you through it.
I'm so grateful for a grandma who survived cancer when my mom was nineteen and then again ten years later when it came back. I am grateful for a grandpa who is just now getting back to his normal self after all his treatments. Can't forget my uncle who is also a cancer survivor. I love them all so much and I'm so happy they have been given a second chance. Nothing can replace the love in a family.

Well I hope there is something that interests you. Sorry there are so many I just love music too much to try and cut some out =)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

What question can you never truthfully answer "Yes"?

So sometimes my brain drives me crazy. 

You know those moments when life seems crazy and you just need a break. For example maybe you have a headache and your at a family reunion.... for some reason loads of children and headaches just don't mix well.

Well.... I'd compare that situation to those moments when you just can't shut your brain off.

It's funny how are brain works and all the crazy different things we go through in our minds all day.

Isn't it weird how when you don't want to think about anything that that seems to be when it's the hardest to do just that. Our own minds like to mess with us.... how retarded is that??? =) haha

I have yet to master my mind.

Answer : Are you asleep?

Side note.... did you know you can skype on facebook????!!!! So awesome. I love my old roommates =D