Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So today was amazing. I worked so hard yesterday so I could be homework free tonight and it payed off. I got to celebrate my sisters birthday, and go eat at the TexasRoadhouse; where my grandma danced in the aisles with the workers haha.
I also got to play with Ryker some more, and am very proud of getting him to sleep twice today and changing a diaper lol. Yes, I am a CRAZY proud aunt, but look at
those adorable cheeks how could you not love that little face. He fell asleep with my scarf clenched tightly in his little hand, so naturally when I put him down it went with him.
Then my roommates and I experimented and found it is fun to stretch and laugh laying sideways in our hallway. :) This is what happens when you hang out with sleep deprived roommates. Laughing hysterically for no obvious reason.

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