Monday, October 4, 2010

So sometimes when studying I can't handle listening to music for too long; before I find myself getting sick of it and just wanting soft silence. Today; however, my Ipod flipped to a beautiful song that I listened to on repeat while I got all my work done. Sometimes we just have to dream about the future, and let all our fears disappear. Dream that those we care about miss us as much as we miss them. Life is full of possibilities. We always want to believe someone when they tell us something unimaginable. What's wrong with closing your eyes and wishing that it's could be a possibility. It's weird because when I first heard this song I didn't love it. I like girl bands who are more punk and less mello...? However, music has the ability to become something special to all individuals at different moments in their life. Right now this song happens to be beautiful to me when I never before gave it a second thought.



    For me, this song gets me through just about anything...

  2. I love it thanks Cars; I'll use this one next time I'm studying :)