Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dance like no one is watching

Today I was in my room with my nephew and he was playing with everything he could get his hands on because he is just learning to walk.

Anyway my lab top is playing music while I'm doing my hair and where them girls at came naturally in front of my big mirror in my room I started dancing while I was getting ready.

Ryker was soon less interested in playing with my brush and more interested in my sweet moves :D  haha. They were so good he just sat on the floor laughing at me. I like him.  Then I picked him up and was waving my free arm around facing the mirror and when he saw us in the mirror he started waving his little arms around laughing. So cute wish I had it on video!!!

PS!!!! I got a favicon. Cheers. Aaaaaaannnnndddd.....Day after you - Chad Brownlee great song =)

PS....again?? My summer vacation was spent at echo of course! It was beautiful. I loved every part of it....except for sharing a room with a grumpy ear infected nephew...(before the meds and before he became my happy/ silly dance partner) can I just say I felt like a mom who had to get up with the kids during the night lol. Well you can see a few pics of our holiday here!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Why do I do this to myself!!!

Okay here's what's up.... I work outdoors. It gets tiring working in the sun all day. Today I worked 10...and a  1/2 hours!! This is beginning to happen quite often and it's only going to get worse..... There will be so much more to do once my brother Jaden starts school again. Then it will be just me and my daddy again. Oh boi!! haha

Anywhoooo back to what I'm trying to get at is that I'm a tired looking person. When I get home from work I have no more energy so I started watching a new TV series called......

dun dun dun.....


So far I like a lot. If you too are tired and need to pass some time before you fall into bed I suggest it.

Speaking of beds there is a drool stain on my pillow. How lovely.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sending out my wishes.

Some things float away.... but do they come back to where you think they should?

There is one thing I am always sure about.

There is one family I always love.
There are sisters that taught me how to grow up and whats important.
There are brothers who make me feel loved. One brother who always makes me laugh and goofs off just like me.

There is one friend who always listens and has theeee most greatest advice.
There is one friend who makes me believe I can do anything and pushes me to step out of my ruts.
There is one friend I want to push in a mud puddle because she is so honest and herself... I miss her.
There is one friend who was the best roommate a girl could ask for.

There is one friend who will never understand the changes they made in my life and how they helped me become the person I want to be. A friend who knew everything about me with no pretending they simply knew all of me.

Significant day. Frightening day.

I'm wishing that the only thing that has and will change is time, even with everything else that goes on in between—some things will just simply always have there place.


Sunday, August 14, 2011


So this is what i'm used to........
                 being a brunette.

I like having me some brown hair I think it looks better than my natural dirty (almost) blonde color haha.


I had a daring moment.....
                                    and decided I should go bleach blonde.

My sister ( aka hair dresser) was not so gung ho? about this idea.
She thinks I should have dark hair.

We are smart sisters though and we made a compromise.

Definitely different but I like it.
It's darker than this in real life haha darn lights only pulled out the blonde in the picture!

Oh, so its got blonde highlights in it, mixed with some light brown low lights, and its solid brown underneath.

Took an eternally long time but it's a nice change :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

by far new favorite.

Kira Isabella - Love Me Like That

Story of me

....not always simple
                                 ....not always perfect but it works. :)