Friday, October 29, 2010


Brave by Tawgs Salter.....I think I'll be brave. You take big leaps and you learn from you falls. Sometimes things need to be put on pause—I keep racing around and half of me holds back, while the rest of me pushes forward. I can't keep up so i'm pulled in two. I'll sit on the ledge and continue to wonder what could have been—what might have been. I'm sorry for all the things that I did. Let me fade away as our lives fade apart. I hope you find everything you thought you had found in me. I never meant to lose my hold, it always seemed to be so tight. It's alright to lack bravery, but your thoughts will never be heard if that's all you allow them to be. It's alright to be wrong. I gave advice to a friend once. I told her you have to give it your all, and in the end if you fall at least you know you did everything you could've done. You can't blame yourself if you know that. I'll be the first to say i'm a hypocrite. Now look who is scared to be wrong. Even though I'd rather be wrong than hope that I'm right I can't step out of it. I guess time after time it gets harder and harder. Wish this piece of me wasn't so broken. Luckily tomorrow morning I will find myself in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Nothing heals the past better, nothing fixes me quicker, and nothing reminds me why I keep trying, like the temple does.

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