Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am so sorry. I can't help it I have become addicted to blogging. So a few weeks ago I was asked to talk about the priesthood and how it's affected my life to the elder's quorum, and ever since it's had me thinking about all the men who have played a big role in my life.
I'll start with the newest addition Cameron. He is the craziest brother ever! He has a huge truck that I have to jump to get in and out of. Cam is the nicest guy alive. He is always helping people out, making jokes, and teasing people. You can't help but love him. He also loves to give hugs and has helped me warm up to the idea. I'll never forget when he surprised me and brought Randa down for my Grad. I still can't believe he jumped in my bed to wake me up at three in the morning just to say Hi!! haha
Next was Brett he's a little trickier to get to know at first he was really shy around the family, but eventually I think he finally realized we weren't to bad. He's not around a whole lot because he is studying really hard over in Toronto... at least that's what he tells us he's doing. From the looks of things him and Mandi are actually just partying away from the family. I'm still trying to forgive him for stealing Mandi from me because I had fun sharing a room with my best friend lol. I love him though and he is a great addition to the family, and if you get to know him you realize he is a big tease, really competitive, and an alright card player. I'm glad he is apart of the family and that he is so perfect for Mandi.
Now my oldest brother Ryan. Ryan... I don't know where to begin with Ryan ever since I was little he has always been the best big brother. I remember when I was playing soccer with Ryan and his friends; I had to go to the emergency room because I became really sick really fast some strange allergic reaction that came out of no where and when I got home Ryan and his friends had bought me a card and had all signed it with cute little messages to me. He would always talk to me when I needed a friend and give me advice. I loved when he would give me a hug and kiss me on the forehead before leaving somewhere for a long period of time. No matter where you are I'll always love you.
Jaden I was so lucky to get placed between you and Ryan. I really loved that we really started to get to know each other even better before I left. I loved playing soccer with you Jaden even though we were both really competitive, and I enjoyed fighting over who got to drive to the games. I loved bragging about you; my cute little/big brother with the curly blonde hair. I loved going gopher hunting with you and buying slurpy's or when you made me crawl down on the dirty floor of the truck so you wouldn't get a ticket. Your awesome don't change for no one....and stay away from girls. :)
Now it's Taylor's turn. Taylor I will never forget all of our fun moments together. Singing you to sleep, staying up late waiting for Santa, sharing a room, making hot chocolate after playing in the snow or leaves, walking Bear together, going to the fireworks when everyone else was to tired, making popcorn, getting VeggieTales and SpongeBob from the library, when you call me. Haha Taylor I love you so much please grow up to be like your older brothers.
Now most importantly my dad. He is the best man in the world. My dad would give me the stars if he could. I don't think there is anything he wouldn't do for his daughters. I love him so much he is always their for me. I'll never forget the days when he didn't want me going running late at night and he would wait up to make sure I got home okay or he would come to the gym with me so I wasn't alone. Or even when he threw me in the lake with the wakeboard and made me try it. It may have been the worst experience of my life but now I am so glad he did. My dad is my superhero, I know he would save me from any dangers I may face.
There are so many other amazing men in my life! Grandpa Sommerfeldt thank you for showing me what it means to work hard, and then work some more. Grandpa Cahoon thanks for loving everyone and for teaching my dad to be such a tease.
Monte Kartchner for being my second dad growing up. All the Kartchner boys for sharing so many memories with me from easter egg hunts to fondu to branding cows and riding horses to finding kittens in the barn. Running around the barn getting dirty and making up games. Playing with toy guns with Jaden and Kayden. Going to echo and getting thrown or pushed in the lake by Karson. Wishing I was old enough to hang out with Brad, Brett, Mandi and Randa.
Nic Barfuss for being my best friend always helping me become better, for being such a good example to my brothers,and helping me realize life isn't supposed to be so serious all the time, have fun and enjoy being a goof. Thanks for being you.
Levi Stanford you were the best childhood friend I ever had I'll never forget playing in the Stanford's backyard. Roger Thomson for being the biggest tease and taking me horseback riding. I'll get you back for dumping that cup of water on me for coming home late:) Uncle Frank for playing my silly "spill game". Dustin for never getting tired of me saying boys drool and girls rule when I was little. Vince for talking like Donald Duck to entertain the young kids. And oh so many more. Unfortunately I don't have the time to go through you all, but I love you all and am grateful for your examples.

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