Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Happy Birthday!

Reasons why everyone loves Jane.

She loves popsicles and she laughs at Karlee's lame jokes. She always helped me smile whenever I was sad and helped me be in my giggly mood. She pretty much was the head of the Tifuls, and for a very short time the VLC. Haha :P She gave me a foam for my bed at school! She did football stats with me for many years and went on many trips that were filled with fun...and well ya. Haha. Remember when the boys would come into our room and every time they had someone else's pajama pants on. Haha didn't Bo have Dylan's on that once? So funny. We definitely had some fun in jr. high. Remember those gummy candy's that we know from the football trip. I definitely bought those for one of the BYU games haha. Remember trying to get warm at the game in Calgary!! How bout the year we were front page of the year book.. oh ya. Haha.
Jane is an amazing blogger, I love her ability to express herself so clearly on her blog and come up with all these new and creative posts. She was the best person to study with while eating a bag of dill pickle chips and laughing at the crazy after effects. Oh Bio, remember those days! Haha or english words that helped us remember bio. Life was good. Climbing all those towers! Laughing at Steph for well we all remember what she did on the tower in Magrath. Climbing the Cardston tower and being scared Kate was going to fall! Remember teaching ourselves how to snowboard! Man we were two determined girls. Our Fairmont trips were the best thank you for letting me go with you.  Remember how good we got at playing the nintendo games at the condo haha gotta love Mario Party. Watching the documentary on Michael Jackson, playing pool, and reading books all at the Fairmont condo. Remember our candy we were insane. Should I even bring up all our lethbridge trips, sleepovers, and clubhouses....haha no I think those are still pretty clear in our memories (Shurpa?) haha oh dear sometimes I'm glad we all stepped out of that phase in our life. Jane is very talented and masters everything she sets her mind to, one day she will be a famous writer. First step Mr. H's wall of amazingly talented students second step, on the New York Times bestsellers list. Jane you've always been such an amazing person! We really did have some pretty amazing friends growing up. I am so glad for all the memories we have. Hope you enjoy this little video. I was going to do a birthday one or the one about "frenchie fries", but this one was always my fav. I hope life is good to you. You deserve it. You handle some crazy hard circumstances with way more strength than I could. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Playing by the Rules: Dating advice from our favorite 9-year-old...
So I am thinking I am done blogging about Christmas stuff.... I think. So here is a little bit of a change from the norm. Instead of blogging I will just highlight a blog post from another blog. The link above will send you to it. Some background: this blog gives advice to girls about dating, some of which is from a book known as "Playing by the Rules". However, on this particular post a little boy gives advice to guys and I think it's pretty special; haha make sure to check it out whether you're a girl or a guy.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve :)

So when you're apart of the Cahoon family you get new pj's every Christmas Eve!! Yup, I know it's awesome. Here's just a little taste of our christmas.
Ryker and Me
 Always got to have a pyramid shot.
 Why yes, it does say "Bear Bottom"!
Typical before the actual family picture shot.... Ryan picking a wedgie, Jaden ready to tease Taylor, and Karlee holding Ryker while his mom gets her pj's on. :P
Now it's time for card games, board games, and movies. We love to keep Santa up really late at our place.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Time

It’s Christmas time and it’s beautiful. Don’t you love how it can’t be christmas without the tree—the sparkling lights—you could just lay under and admire each sparkling speck that you can’t ever completely focus on. Or how it can’t be christmas if you wake up and you don’t have a little avent calendar to eat each days chocolate. Or how it can’t be Christmas time if you walk outside and the cool breeze doesn’t cling to your cheeks. It can’t be christmas if you aren’t thinking about little things you can do for others to make their day a little brighter. It can’t be Christmas if you don’t wake up to a beautiful white layer of snow. It can’t be Christmas if you don’t wish to cuddle up in a blanket in front of a fireplace. It can’t be Christmas if you don’t read Christmas stories that invite in the Spirit of Christmas. It can’t be Christmas if you don’t tell all those you care about how much they mean to you. It can’t be Christmas if you don’t wish to be with those you love. It can’t be Christmas if you don’t get the opportunity to go sledding and laugh with friends. It cant be Christmas if you don’t get to rock a cute little nephew to sleep and kiss his adorably soft cheeks. It can’t be Christmas if you don’t get to sneak some of mom’s homemade caramels—that she assumes are hidden :P. It can’t be Christmas if you don’t make hot chocolate and stir it with a candy cane. It can’t be Christmas if you don’t find yourself reenacting the Christmas Story. It can’t be Christmas if the soft sounds of Christmas music aren’t playing out from the kitchen. It can’t be Christmas if your Christmas pj’s aren’t wrapped under the tree ready to open on Christmas eve. It can’t be Christmas if you don’t play a million different card games and board games. It can’t be Christmas if you don’t get to share a small house with 15 people on Christmas morning. It can’t be Christmas if there isn’t a ridiculously hard puzzle set out downstairs that you think you’ll never be able to get done, but with the help of the whole family eventually you do. It can’t be Christmas if you don’t spend a little time in line ups. It can’t be Christmas if  you don’t watch some of the Christmas shows that play each night before Christmas.
I love how we forget about our worries, our fears, and our inadequacies. It’s Christmas, we care only about our loved ones and the things that are most important. Christmas time is different for every family, but I think I have listed off just some of the things that make this season important for my family and I. No matter if some of these aspects are missing just being with my family makes this Christmas time wonderful. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! - This post idea just popped into my head while listening to Mistletoe - colbie caillet. It's great.
Ps. So when I was little and my cousin and her husband were still in high school just before Christmas they had gone and bought each other matching superman rings. They were the most amazing rings in my mind! Ever since seeing them I wanted one. I began to have this strange obsession with them. However, it has been many years since then and I never could quite get my hands on one—until today!! Yes, it's true I finally got a hold of the ring i've always wanted! Life is good. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas is coming.

A little song I like to sing to myself when I am lonely...

"Christmas is coming
The goose is getting fat
Pleased to put a penny in the old mans hat
If you haven't got a penny then a ha'penny will do
If you haven't got a ha'penny then
If you haven't got a ha'penny then

Merry Christmas Everyone! I love kittens and cats and gumballs and dum dums and santa clause and elves and flutes that sound like whales and when Karen sleep talks to me and still tells me she loves me even in her sleep :) I love you too, Karen.

Safe travels to everyone, especially you, Santa. Canada is a rough place. Put some extra traction on that sleigh and you will be fine. Also, my street is 3rd Avenue West! Thanks Santa!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Elf Yourself....
Haha click this link if you want to see what my roommate made the rest of us for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A little inspiration.

So sometimes I am a little hard on myself for stupid things that I have done, and silly mistakes I have made. Just recently though its become really apparent that I just need to move on. Forget what once was and step away from it all. I don't want the same things anymore life has changed. I have realized that things that were once important are now so unnecessary I can't imagine how they were once a priority. Life's changing in a good way, time to change and take a friends advice - "You are in a new place now, where  people want to be your friend. New people, new circumstances. What you did in the past can be forgotten because you are kinda building a new life for yourself here, like all of us are. . . but its time to just be a new person and trade up and just be the best person you can."

Monday, December 6, 2010


One of my favorite things are popsicles. I love them so much I even have a special technique of knowing exactly how long to leave them out of the freezer before you eat them. If you wait for that precise moment you can eat it while it's still frozen but so it's soft and doesn't make that awful crunching noise/feeling on your teeth that is almost annoying. Anyway, I have just been thinking about how I have always known which popsicle was my favorite. I always know what I want, what I like, and where I want to be. Sometimes people really frustrate me because despite their best efforts they can't figure out what they want. I don't know why you think you have to like everything equally. It's okay to have a flavor you prefer. It's not that hard. I don't understand... maybe life is to simple for me, but I have a favorite and I stick to my favorite. That's just how I work.

I am the worst sister in the world. I haven't called my brother to wish him happy birthday yet! His birthday was yesterday..... I love you TAYLOR!! Sry.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I love Calvin and Hobbes.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Photo by : Trisha Zemp see more here!

I love hugs. I love giving hugs. I love getting hugs.

I love when a hug gives you jitters, when it makes you feel like your stomach is spinning, or when it makes you feel like you're in the safest place in the whole world.

Hugs from dad make you feel like the most special girl in the world—"Daddy's Girl".

Hugs from mom make you feel precious and beautiful.

Hugs from brothers are like a gift that is only given on special occasions, and it's your favorite out of all the other gifts.

Hugs from boy-friends are like a warm blanket you want to stay wrapped up in.

Hugs from that one boy gives you butterflies.

Hugs from aunts and uncles makes you feel like your being looked out for.

Hugs from friends make you feel happy and missed.

Hugs from little cousins make you feel admired.

Hugs from babies make you feel like your apart of something special.

The most important hug will be from my older brother who I have not yet met in person....I'm certain there are no words to describe what I will feel when I receive it.


There is no such thing as a bad hug (if given for the right reasons); there are only good hugs and great hugs

Hug someone at least once a day and twice on a rainy or snowy day.

Hug with a smile or kiss on the forehead (optional)

A snuggle is a longish hug.

Bedtime hugs make you smile and help you get a good nights rest.

Never hug tomorrow someone you could hug today.

You cannot give a hug - without getting one.

Hugs are great when they mean the same thing to the giver and the recipient.

Hugs are meant to show someone you care.

Hugs are sharing a little piece of your heart.


Don't forget to hug all the ones you love this Christmas season!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

This is my sister Mandi's wedding. This picture was taken awhile ago, but she has been gone for so long I really don't have any pictures of just me and her. Mandi is the best she was always my best friend, and always there for me when I needed someone. We often had to share a room together—or at one point the living room floor :). We often got in fights. We often went cruising together. We loved to talk and share stories together. Mandi was awesome, in high school she placed second in the province in the 100m or 200m for track!(not sure which was awhile ago haha)She would always go running with me she taught me all she new. It was the best because she was so fast I would push myself so hard to keep up and it always helped me get better. She taught me how to start, she taught me how to lengthen my stride, and so many other little facts about running. She often coached me in gymnastics and was a built in spotter when my other coaches were busy. When we were little we would make up dance routines together. She would come to me and ask me to critique her dances from dance class just because she knew I loved to feel important. She was the best sister in the world, I always look up to her, and she always does so much for me! Love ya Mandi can't wait to see you at Christmas it's been to long!