Sunday, October 3, 2010

The cover isn't quite like the book...

There is one thing I have learned since coming to BYU: people are not what you think. In Cardston you've grown up with the same kids since kindergarten. You know everyone on a basic level. At BYU you're constantly making new friends and finding crazy fun people to hang out with. People can surprise you. There was a girl in my ward who completely freaked me out! Not because she was creepy, but because she was gorgeous and had it all it seemed. I was automatically terrified of her because she was pretty....and guess what? I became her visiting teacher, and she seems so nice and down to earth. Not what I was expecting at all. Or how about the guy I called the Hulk... no he wasn't green, he just always seemed angry or emotionless. Then I heard him give the sweetest testimony in church and I felt bad for thinking that. Or my math teacher who I thought was—Crazy because she seemed to live for math—but really she just keeps herself so busy with math because it keeps her from missing her husband. He passed away a few years ago. I have a new respect for her and all she does. Then there were these other two guys who on first appearance I assumed were "Tools". Then I played soccer with them. The sweetest thing happened a blind guy on campus was walking around and he looked confused; one of the guys ran up and asked him where he was trying to go, then directed him the rest of the way. Then the RA Devin, who is a complete stranger to me, showed up just to talk about Canada... Why? Because people down here are awesome and you do stuff like that. People just honestly care about other people. You just make friends with everyone and try to have as much fun as possible while going to school. I am going to stop assuming I know everything about a person and instead try and get to know people better in my ward and classes. People can surprise you, and when they do it's often the best part of your day.


  1. Honestly that blind guy is one of my heroes. What an amazing example he is to us. Thanks for noticing the small things in life :)