Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Happy Birthday!

Reasons why everyone loves Jane.

She loves popsicles and she laughs at Karlee's lame jokes. She always helped me smile whenever I was sad and helped me be in my giggly mood. She pretty much was the head of the Tifuls, and for a very short time the VLC. Haha :P She gave me a foam for my bed at school! She did football stats with me for many years and went on many trips that were filled with fun...and well ya. Haha. Remember when the boys would come into our room and every time they had someone else's pajama pants on. Haha didn't Bo have Dylan's on that once? So funny. We definitely had some fun in jr. high. Remember those gummy candy's that we know from the football trip. I definitely bought those for one of the BYU games haha. Remember trying to get warm at the game in Calgary!! How bout the year we were front page of the year book.. oh ya. Haha.
Jane is an amazing blogger, I love her ability to express herself so clearly on her blog and come up with all these new and creative posts. She was the best person to study with while eating a bag of dill pickle chips and laughing at the crazy after effects. Oh Bio, remember those days! Haha or english words that helped us remember bio. Life was good. Climbing all those towers! Laughing at Steph for well we all remember what she did on the tower in Magrath. Climbing the Cardston tower and being scared Kate was going to fall! Remember teaching ourselves how to snowboard! Man we were two determined girls. Our Fairmont trips were the best thank you for letting me go with you.  Remember how good we got at playing the nintendo games at the condo haha gotta love Mario Party. Watching the documentary on Michael Jackson, playing pool, and reading books all at the Fairmont condo. Remember our candy we were insane. Should I even bring up all our lethbridge trips, sleepovers, and clubhouses....haha no I think those are still pretty clear in our memories (Shurpa?) haha oh dear sometimes I'm glad we all stepped out of that phase in our life. Jane is very talented and masters everything she sets her mind to, one day she will be a famous writer. First step Mr. H's wall of amazingly talented students second step, on the New York Times bestsellers list. Jane you've always been such an amazing person! We really did have some pretty amazing friends growing up. I am so glad for all the memories we have. Hope you enjoy this little video. I was going to do a birthday one or the one about "frenchie fries", but this one was always my fav. I hope life is good to you. You deserve it. You handle some crazy hard circumstances with way more strength than I could. 

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