Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

This is my sister Mandi's wedding. This picture was taken awhile ago, but she has been gone for so long I really don't have any pictures of just me and her. Mandi is the best she was always my best friend, and always there for me when I needed someone. We often had to share a room together—or at one point the living room floor :). We often got in fights. We often went cruising together. We loved to talk and share stories together. Mandi was awesome, in high school she placed second in the province in the 100m or 200m for track!(not sure which was awhile ago haha)She would always go running with me she taught me all she new. It was the best because she was so fast I would push myself so hard to keep up and it always helped me get better. She taught me how to start, she taught me how to lengthen my stride, and so many other little facts about running. She often coached me in gymnastics and was a built in spotter when my other coaches were busy. When we were little we would make up dance routines together. She would come to me and ask me to critique her dances from dance class just because she knew I loved to feel important. She was the best sister in the world, I always look up to her, and she always does so much for me! Love ya Mandi can't wait to see you at Christmas it's been to long!

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