Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A little inspiration.

So sometimes I am a little hard on myself for stupid things that I have done, and silly mistakes I have made. Just recently though its become really apparent that I just need to move on. Forget what once was and step away from it all. I don't want the same things anymore life has changed. I have realized that things that were once important are now so unnecessary I can't imagine how they were once a priority. Life's changing in a good way, time to change and take a friends advice - "You are in a new place now, where  people want to be your friend. New people, new circumstances. What you did in the past can be forgotten because you are kinda building a new life for yourself here, like all of us are. . . but its time to just be a new person and trade up and just be the best person you can."


  1. That's some good advice. Love you Karl!

  2. That's some LLL advice right there Steph lol. I think it's applicable :)