Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve :)

So when you're apart of the Cahoon family you get new pj's every Christmas Eve!! Yup, I know it's awesome. Here's just a little taste of our christmas.
Ryker and Me
 Always got to have a pyramid shot.
 Why yes, it does say "Bear Bottom"!
Typical before the actual family picture shot.... Ryan picking a wedgie, Jaden ready to tease Taylor, and Karlee holding Ryker while his mom gets her pj's on. :P
Now it's time for card games, board games, and movies. We love to keep Santa up really late at our place.


  1. Haha nice PJ's :)you stole my idea for a post!!!! :(

  2. I never stole it!! Rude. I just did it first :P