Saturday, September 17, 2011

such is life...

I wish I would've looked farther down each road, in life, I was shown.
 I could have been more.
Somethings can't be undone.

I wish I had matured a little faster.
I wish I hadn't hurt people.
I wish I had been a better friend.
I wish I had smiled more.
I wish I had made more people's days.
I wish I would have worked harder.
I wish I would've thought less about me.
I wish I would have looked harder.
I wish I would have forgave faster.
I wish I would have laughed things off.
I wish I would've been a better sister.
I wish I would've helped my mom more.
I wish I wouldn't have taken things for granted.
I wish I would've been more thoughtful.
I wish I could've seen past the present.
I wish I hadn't forgot.
I wish I would have seen what mattered most.
I wish I could've wanted what I want now.
I wish I would've said I love you more.
....but such is my life

.... and now I know just a little bit more....
and now I know


  1. no regrets darling. there is always tomorrow =)

  2. Like karen always says "life's hard move on" haha