Tuesday, September 27, 2011

gimmie gimmie

I want a truck.
I want a sports car.
I want a jeep.
I want a silver porsche... or mr. beans car.
I want to have millions of those smelly trees so my car always smells amazing.
I want some sweet rims.
I want to make up my own licence plate.
I want a wicked stereo system.
I want the cooling/heated seats buttons.
I want a heated steering wheel.
I want XM radio tuned to the highway.
I want a portable vacuum in my trunk.
I want to have a little soccer ball hanging from my mirror w/ my grad tassle. Tacky...yes =)
Even this could work just fix it up a little haha.

Sadly, I think a vehicle of any kind is not in my future.
Give it a few years....maybe?

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