Monday, September 19, 2011

Music for your Monday

So all week this song has just kept a smile on my face.
I danced to it.
I sang along with it.
I sang it in the shower.
I drove around listening to it.
I hung out with Jillian Michael's, listening to this in the background. (Strange I know)
I made dinner listening to this song.
I prepared myself for an intense weekend listening to this.
Yes, pretty sure in the last week this song became my top played song.

All About Us - He Is We ft. Aaron Gillespie

Listen to it while it's blasted.....makes it so much better =)
Since I'm not a huge fan of owl city I prefer this version the best.
Sorry it's nothing new.


  1. loveeee the reminders. in fact. i forgot this song existed before I even listened it to death. I will do just that now. =)