Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dance like no one is watching

Today I was in my room with my nephew and he was playing with everything he could get his hands on because he is just learning to walk.

Anyway my lab top is playing music while I'm doing my hair and where them girls at came naturally in front of my big mirror in my room I started dancing while I was getting ready.

Ryker was soon less interested in playing with my brush and more interested in my sweet moves :D  haha. They were so good he just sat on the floor laughing at me. I like him.  Then I picked him up and was waving my free arm around facing the mirror and when he saw us in the mirror he started waving his little arms around laughing. So cute wish I had it on video!!!

PS!!!! I got a favicon. Cheers. Aaaaaaannnnndddd.....Day after you - Chad Brownlee great song =)

PS....again?? My summer vacation was spent at echo of course! It was beautiful. I loved every part of it....except for sharing a room with a grumpy ear infected nephew...(before the meds and before he became my happy/ silly dance partner) can I just say I felt like a mom who had to get up with the kids during the night lol. Well you can see a few pics of our holiday here!


  1. i noticed the favicon. congrats.
    also. aren't nephews the best! This is awesome.

  2. yayy i love the favicon!!

    annnd this song! i loveeee! i think it was one of those ones i heard on the radio that i liked but kept forgetting existed. yay!

    um and i miss you.