Sunday, August 14, 2011


So this is what i'm used to........
                 being a brunette.

I like having me some brown hair I think it looks better than my natural dirty (almost) blonde color haha.


I had a daring moment.....
                                    and decided I should go bleach blonde.

My sister ( aka hair dresser) was not so gung ho? about this idea.
She thinks I should have dark hair.

We are smart sisters though and we made a compromise.

Definitely different but I like it.
It's darker than this in real life haha darn lights only pulled out the blonde in the picture!

Oh, so its got blonde highlights in it, mixed with some light brown low lights, and its solid brown underneath.

Took an eternally long time but it's a nice change :)


  1. yayy i couldnt tell at church so much cuz it was hiding in your pony tail. it looks super cute here!!!

  2. Thanks guys! :)
    Haha ya my wet hair messy little bun thing was not a good idea, next week i'll get up earlier so I don't go to church with wet hair.