Monday, November 8, 2010


If it wasn't for all these emotions going on—I'd think i was dead right now... How much of everything can be jammed into one small space before it explodes! I need escape. Just a small escape from everything to forget all the meaningless things that keep taking over my mind. Escape is necessary but not always in reach... this will have to be enough for now....

Sometimes it’s like there is so much more out there, so many more things i should be doing, so much more that is expected of me. How do i begin to accomplish it all? It’s hard becoming a new person or just plain having the desire to become new. It’s so much easier to stick to your “rut”, but guess what—I’m done with you! I’m not you anymore, i'm changing and life is changing.

I’m opening the blinds to my life and showing the world me. Life be still and move slowly don’t disturb me as i create my dreams. Time to grow up and face reality....step out of other's dreams and take on my own. Life is about advancing pressing forward through a maze of choices, and sometimes and more often, backtracking to find the correct route to take on. I’m sick of feeling burdened by stupid and meaningless things that shouldn’t have an effect on me or way me down in anyway. I’m excited to take on a changing and more evolved me.

Time to lift up my head and take on the world. It’s time to smile just because i can, laugh because it feels great, and run because nothing holds me down. Life, go ahead and throw all you want at me, but know that i am going to stand and face it all as i *live in every moment*... because i know that everything happens for a reason.

Eventually all my pieces will fall into place but until then: I’m going to laugh at the confusion i get lost in. I’m going cry in the moments that take my breath away. I’m going to smile away my fears. I’ll sing away my pain. I’ll hold on to every memory in my life that fulfilled just a little piece of my dreams, and despite how you try to convince me i'm going to be able to do it all relying on my own two feet.

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