Saturday, November 13, 2010


This is where i get lost, this is where i run, this is where i don't know what to do. This is who i am when i get to scared to choose. This is where i'm thrown an ultimatum. This is where i can't decide; where it's easier to pretend the fool. Perhaps you ask to much, perhaps i require to much. Perhaps i don't know what is being asked of me. Perhaps i don't want to. Ignorance is bliss... until the ignorance is lost and with it goes the bliss. I can't step any closer so i step back. Maybe i need to be told what to do. Maybe i work to hard to understand the simple. Maybe it's all a matter of time and learning. Maybe i've never been in these shoes before, and maybe you're to used to wearing them. Maybe you don't know you're wearing them.

Hey, what did you think i'd say. I don't wanna be.... it's something i can't understand. It's never going to be the same again. I don't wanna be.... those words are like falling pieces, and i'm always going to miss them now. Built up a world of magic....but it was a trick and the clock struck twelve. Keep your feet on the ground when your heads in the clouds.


  1. Oh Karls. I think both you and I will enjoy some time away this next weekend. :)

  2. For real. Can't wait to be home and see my friends! :)

  3. karlee.. what does this mean..
    come home and tell me?