Thursday, November 25, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

What do you do when the wind is blowing 70-100 km/h!!! What do you do when it's so cold outside your shoes stick to the ground! What do you do when the roads are ice you slide in 4wheel drive? Haha well Taylor and I know what to do we had a blast today. Hopefully tomorrow the roads stay terrible so school can be cancelled, and Jaden's football provincials will be cancelled so he can stay home and play with Taylor and I :) I just love my little brother he has the funniest little kid ever, and he often pulls the same funny faces I do on a regular basis. Today he told me i'm "his one and only girl" ( and then mumbled well I don't have a girlfriend so that makes sense) haha goofball. He also informed me that life is no fair girls can burp louder than boys. Don't ask me how he came to this conclusion???? but the kid is basically a genius. Can't wait for Ryan to come to town tomorrow! Ya-ah!


  1. When the wind is blowing that fast you should go hang gliding or sailing, have an adventure! Haha just joking. I find it hilarious that you and your brother were doing the exact same thing that Tripper and I were doing in making a bunch of silly faces. Check my blog! Nice glasses I've always wanted a pair! Happy Thanksgiving Karlee!

  2. The hair incident? Not my hair being lopsided but my sisters Brigitta was up next to a candle and the back of her hair momentarily lit on fire. It was hilarious and she tried to stop drop and roll and I batted it out with a bundle of napkins. So funny!

  3. My second guess after you cutting your hair was that you lit your sisters hair on fire ;) Haha you batted it with a bunch of napkins...don't you know those our flammable! Haha if you got it on camera that would be about an AFV!!