Monday, November 28, 2011


I dunno bout you but I find pranks so funny. This weekend I pulled a few really good ones with some help from others. It was great. Well the person helping me pull these off decided to turn it around on me. So I start getting these texts and I'm completely convinced this person is in trouble. Getting a little freaked out here. Then the person stops texting me. Naturally, gullible me, I'm caught up in this prank believing everything and this person falls asleep without telling me "got ya" or "just kidding". Am I a little ticked from lack of sleep......yes, yes I am.

 Oh and these pics are just funny.

Cant forget a song for music monday.....Fast Car - Boyce Avenue or.....Colbie Caillat - Breakeven/Fast Car

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  1. hahaha that first picture is hilarious.