Friday, November 25, 2011

Creeps....they exist.

Warning: This post is long...but creeps and stalkers is a big deal.
So in a way we are all creeps right? 
I mean I can't be the only one out there who stalks people on facebook... I hope that's the case cuz I'm telling everyone I'm a stalker right now.
Anyway I've had people who I found to be very creepy on facebook. You know those ppl who you see are online and you quickly hide your availability in hopes they didn't notice you were on. However, sometimes you just ain't fast enough and they have already started to just be straight up creepy.
Well problem solved, delete them.
It works.
Lately I have been having creep problems that are not so easily solved. In the last two weeks I have been a little scared out of my mind. 
My two near death experiences....haha 
 So one day I decide to go for a walk because I had a lot on my mind. Did I mention it was about 10:30 at night.....ya it gets dark at around five thirty. I was pretty much in my own bubble thinking through a whole load of stuff. When I realized there were two guys walking across the middle of the street towards me. So naturally I whipped out my phone ready to make a call if needed. They started asking me questions. "Do you have a smoke?", "You from around here?", etc. So naturally to the first question I said no. Then all that made sense to me was to get away. So I just started walking away from them. Luckily there was some distance between us, but they still kept following me. I could hear the guy asking for my number but I just kept walking. Then he kept saying "Damn, she's sexy, and she knows it too" to his friend. Then to me "Shit your hot." (sorry just quoting here). At this point I was a little nervous wreck, picking up my pace just a little bit. Luckily for me I could tell his friend was trying to get him to forget about me and head back in the direction they were headed in the first place. So.... nothing awful happened to me but I think I'm going to stay away from the night walks by myself. I mean still creepy right!?!?

At the beginning of this week I bought a gym pass. The location of this gym is creepy on its own. It's in the basement of the town pool. Weird right. Basements are freaky. I walk down the stairs and a guy greets me when I walk in. Great, I don't have the place to myself. So I start going through my regular routine. Then he starts talking to me. "So what is there to do in this town?" WARNING BELLS RINGING!! haha. So I gave him the typical response you know the one "Not much its a small town... blah blah." Then he says, "Ya, it seems like everyone here is Mormon or married. You're probably both?" Looks at me with this curious answer my question look. Creep. So I just said, "Yup, I'm mormon." Continuing on with my business and trying to get him to bud out. No such luck! He starts giving me his life story where he went to school, how old he is (27....freaky), how he is single, how he dropped out, how he makes bank on the rigs, and to my dismay so much more!!!! (Also he threw in there how I wouldn't like to work there even though the money is good the atmosphere is awful for girls because all the guys are creeps...... clearly!) 
Then he starts talking about how great his life is because he doesn't have a ton of kids and a wife he's strapped down to. Then he stares at me... no he stares at my body and says, "You don't want to have kids. It would be so hard to get that body after that." Eeek... leave me alone buddy.
 I go back to the treadmill thinking he'll stop talking to me if I am on there. No such luck. My friend starts texting me on his lunch break so I'm thinking awesome nothing like texting to make someone feel shunned.  However, he takes it upon himself to tell me, "Hey now, stop texting and start working out." HEY DUDE!  I don't know you, bud out!" I walk away from him yet again and go over to the scale. Then I go over to this sweet machine that tells you what percentage of body fat you are. Next thing I know he is standing right behind me saying, "How does that work?". FREAK I HAVE A PERSONAL BUBBLE SPACE AND YOU'RE IN IT! Whatever I told him how it worked and walked back to the treadmill happy he was preoccupied. Few seconds later he is standing in front of me. "I hope you aren't one of those girls overly concerned with what scales and things like that tell you. From what I can see, " giving me the once over, "you have nothing to worry about." Continues on about girls insecurities and giving me creepy compliments. "If a guy ever tells you to lose weight or anything like that slap him because you do not need to."
Then he asks me where are the good places to eat in town are. Then he says, "Could you just make me something?"
Remember how I have never met this guy before in my life!
He continues to ask me questions trying to get me to talk to him. "When do you come work out? Do you work out everyday?" Ya don't worry I didn't give him legit answers for those. I cut my workout short switched my shoes, gathered up my things, and put my coat on. Next thing I know he heads out saying, "Bye, I hope you have a really great day." Great, you would leave just as I am. Ya, guess who is at the top of the stairs waiting. Opens the door for me and walks beside me towards my truck because naturally the hotel he's staying at is in that direction. As I'm getting in my truck he says, "Well, in case nobody tells you this today, you are really beautiful. Have an amazing day." Then thank heavens he walks away!

No joke I gave him one word answers. I would walk away from him after I answered a question to go get a drink or get on a machine far away from him, I really tried avoiding him, and it may be hard to believe but I was pretty sure I was being rude. Some people are just straight up stalkerish creepy. 

I had a dream some guys were chasing me last night and I was running home trying to get away.... ya I think I'm a little paranoid now. 


  1. hahahahaha... aw man karlee. I can totally see this happening. Poor guy. just trying to be nice and just gets shut down. haha so funny.

  2. this world is a dark place. even in cardston. how sad.
    ps dont listen to kate. poor guy? no way. he was being creepy. i'd be creeped too. im proud of you for being rude.

  3. Yeah, what the Kate.
    As I was reading this I was like "karlees too nice. that's why he's not leaving." But dude that's creepy. don't go places alone. I don't want my bestfriend to get raped.

  4. Guuuys. It was a joke. obviously i know he was creepy. And that first story was just sick. and creepy.

  5. well...i guess thats the price you have to pay karlee for being so blessed in the looks department! haha jk. that is way creeps.

  6. uhhh I may or may not know your super creepy guy, I clean his room at the hotel. Actually almost every rig guy is creepy, creepy.

  7. Don't make fun I seriously try and go to the gym now when I see other vehicles there. I was legit creeped out.
    Madison - BE CAREFUL!

  8. Oh that is sooo freaky. And if you were in the windy city weight room that's even freakier. It's a dungeon down there! Some guys just don't know boundaries at all. What a creepster.