Saturday, July 23, 2011

Popcorn popping!

Hello, I'm Karlee and I love popcorn. Today was a good day for making Kool-aid popcorn. The family was gone and Taylor and I had the kitchen all to ourselves so this is what we did.....
Takes a little bit of time but oh well I had this Saturday off :)

This is blue raspberry. VERY sweet!
Yes, my hair is significantly lighter than normal. Not by choice—stupid sun lol.
 Cherry is really good.
The final product. Oih, so much popcorn! haha
Cherry, Grape, and Blue Raspberry. Yum! 

"GRAPE! I'm gonna get grape, or cherry. They're both... favorites, so either one is good, but if they have both, I'll get grape, because grape is a little more favorite. But if they don't have grape it's like alright its fine, cause cherry's favorite anyway. It's like another favorite, but not as much. Not as much favorite. But they're both good. They're both good."

Now its time to clean up the sticky mess...yay? haha


  1. The colors look red, white, and blue...coincidence?

    I think not. :P

  2. Karlee I think your hair is so cute! And its so long. I miss you :(
    Also. Love the Brian Regan reference at the end.

  3. Haha no coincidence that's all they offered at the store.

    Steph I miss you. I played soccer on thursday and shawn, chantai, and chance were there and that connection just made me think that you really needed to have been there.

  4. i think you should put blond in your hair ya?

  5. I've thought about it lol I have these pics of different blonde hairstyles and i decided I want a mixture of them all!