Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It all makes sense

Have you ever looked at something your parents do and thought, "Ah, it makes sense now!" Well since being home I look at my parents I just realize why I do certain things.

 Like how I never put dishes in the dishwasher except on sundays like my mom. Just like my mom everything I wear has to be somewhat matching.

How I always giggle and snicker at something funny I'm think about then realizing I didn't say it out loud just like my dad.  Also, we both laugh a lot. Whenever meeting new people, having an awkward conversation, or when we're just not sure how to respond to a certain situation, we laugh.

I love my parents they are so funny.
The other day at work we were in our truck driving away from a house when these two boys drove by on bikes with toy guns. As we started driving away they followed us shooting at us with their toy guns. When my dad noticed he turned in his seat leaned outside the truck window and started pretending to shoot back with his hands. He made the shooting noises as well. Haha. It was the funniest thing ever and then the little kids were laughing and shooting all the more.

Then there was the time we were fixing sprinklers..... haha he pulled off one of the heads to a sprinkler to clean it out. Well when he tried to put it back together the water pressure blew it out of his hands and the water sprayed right up into his face blowing his hat up and away. Jaden and I sure enjoyed mocking him about playing in the sprinklers instead of working.

I love my job. It's awesome working for my dad. Even when he acts like a twelve year old.  :)

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