Thursday, June 16, 2011

Working hard or hardly working?

Tonight I decided it was a good day to bake something. I'm not an amazingly talented chef but I'm not completely lost when it come to cooking. Ya, so anyway despite my raw talent at cooking, I simply decided to make biscuits. My family was ready to devour them as soon as they were done, but my mother said it was to late so we put them away to eat for breakfast.

My sister was intent on having one. She joked around that she would do the one push-up she could and some jumping jacks in order to have one.  I seriously don't even know if she can do one :P haha Anywhooo, we let her have one and they left. Then my mom sneakily went off into the living room and came back very disappointed at informing us she could only do three push-ups. She funny. 

She was pretty offended when my dad and I started laughing. Whoopsie. Promise we were laughing at her expression and not at the fact she could only do three.  Then of course she challenged us. "Oh ya!! Well it's not as easy as you think. Lets see how many you can do!" 

This is when the family gets a little crazy. You know the competitiveness just starts getting a little intense. Sorta. However.... I beat her yay me. Haha proud to say I did a whole whopping ten! Feel free to brag about how many you can do it will make me even more competitive. My mom was sure she could do eleven now, but her forth one she had to do.... almost the worm just to get her arms back straight haha.

My dad did forty! Pretty proud of that old guy. I think he would have done more if Jaden was home to give him some competition. Jaden who just happened to lift a 150 pound log back into our truck after unloading it at the  dump. (Apparently they have a size limit? Who knew??? haha)

Anyways after that fun little adventure. My mom and dad tried to do this random daily ab routine thing with me that my roommates showed me at school. It was a pretty funny sight. Gotta love family time. 


  1. Haha Gemma and I have been rocking randomabs too its definitely a good thing.

    I don't even want to know how many pushups I could do...the number would be so high everyone's heads would explode! Just kidding...people who play soccer tend to be better at leg lifts for...obvious reasons :D

  2. Karlee this post made me so happy. I love your family. And your mom. Almost doing the worm on the 4th one made me laugh so hard!