Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lost and Found

Im simply confused.
....and slightly unsure of the future.
Sometimes I like to explore. I like to explore my past.  Recognize everything good and bad, everything I learned and let go, and just how everything fit in to place in my life. My personal little history. I think its crazy how you look back and see just how great it was that you made one simple choice, and to see just how everything fell in afterwards. Sometimes, good or bad, we are just meant to make certain choices and learn from them.

Right now I'd like to know the next choice I need to make. I'm impatient I don't like to waste time not knowing what's ahead. I guess I simply wish to have a map of my life. However, I haven't had one up to this point and so far life has played out in a way that fits me. So for now I'll simply keep making choices and hopefully they will continue to reveal there significance as I go....

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