Sunday, March 27, 2011

H2O....heck yes, i'm a fan!!

So, as awful as it is, I am addicted to ice, water, slurpies, milkshakes, and snow cones. basically anything that involves ice in any kind of form. I just love cold food. I can still hear my mom telling me to stop chewing on ice while we're sitting and playing cards. Or how whenever I'd go to my friend Shell's house.... if anyone asked what we should snack on...I always wanted a snow cone(shaved ice). Well, anyway to make this story short my friends. My roommate Chelsey brought us a little shaved ice maker from home. It's the greatest. We crush up ice and popsicles and it equals the best snack ever. So we've really been having fun with it ever since our blender broke :).
This is Chelsey. We were having troubles with the colors on my camera.

and my awesome roommates :D


  1. No sweetened condensed milk please?! Otter pop flavoring please?! PLease and thank you!

  2. oooh that's a real good picture of us. love it especially how big karen's head looks.

  3. LOL. Love the last picture.

    It seems to be a MUST DO for teenage girls to take silly pictures of themselves.

    *pushes a picture of me sucking on a banana with my friends back into my diary*