Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dear midterms, you are cordially uninvited.

So this week I fell upon a natural disaster. This wreck is me!! For some strange reason I somehow found away to forget I was in college. Crazy, right? How do you forget that? Haha I just realized that even though I’m back in Provo and at school my head has still been on holiday. This holiday caused me to have a little freak out....possibly some small stress break downs here and there. Luckily I have awesome roommates and friends to keep me on track. I made it through a test and a few quizzes without dissappointment, but really I need to get focused again! Especially with three papers coming up in the very near future as well as an American Heritage midterm....eeeek! Being Canadian makes me American...., but in this situation I feel like I am not American at all haha. An amazing girl from back home shared this quote on facebook and I had to share it, it’s the best:
Now I lay me down to study,
I pray the Lord I won't go nutty,
if I should fail to learn this junk,
I pray the Lord I will not flunk.

Don't pity me at all,
just lay my bones in the study hall,
tell my prof I did my best,
then pile my books upon my chest.

Now I lay me down to rest,
and pray I'll pass tomorrows test,
If I should die before I wake,
that's one less test i'll have to take!

So one night the roommates and I got talking about how we wish our apartment felt more like a home, and we decided a pet would make it a home. Unfortunately for us, you’re not allowed to have pets in heritage halls....but we figured if we could get a little tea cup pig Amy (the RA) would never notice him during cleaning checks if we made a friend watch him while she was over. I think if we would have followed through with it, this cute little pig could take away all my stress. In all honesty a Wells 152 mascot would be pretty legit. :D Hope everyone is doing wonderful. If this little guy doesn't brighten your day I don't know what will.

Ps. Yes I did get my housing set up for next fall/winter semester!! Craaaazy. Jefferson 37 hear I come. Haha

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a lovely little piggy! Almost as cute as a kitten :) haha. Destroy your Am. Htg mid-term k?