Thursday, February 17, 2011


"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." e.e. cummings
So I love to be happy. It’s the best. The other day while talking to my little brother he kept saying “tomorrow I love ya, I love ya tomorrow”. He couldn’t really remember all the words to the song, or the melody for that matter, but it was super cute and funny. I couldn’t stop smiling for a long time. I just miss my family. Especially my sweet forgetful mother. Haha I forgot some stuff at home over christmas break so I called my mom and asked her to send them to me... ya she’s still working on that. It’s okay though the way I see it, i’ll be home soon and can get it then. 
I really miss my brothers. Ryan always makes me feel so loved. Jaden is always the tough guy who randomly slips up and shows me in some way that he loves me. (Oh, those moments are the best haha) Taylor is the best because he just loves everyone. When he was little if he ever asked for something we’d ask “What do you say?” to which he’d always respond “Please and thank-you, I love you”. Haha he was the cutest little suck up. Oh how I love little moments that make you laugh. Another story about Taylor, when he was little, he would answer the phone and say “Hi. Who is it? What’d you want?” Except we had this weird phone where when you picked up you had to wait a second then say hello or they wouldn’t hear it was always funny when Taylor would answer the phone because whoever was calling would only hear “Who is it? What’d you want?” 
Do you know what I really miss? My dad, he is amazing. Best thing about him is his calm attitude. He’s always smiling about something, or he’s always cracking jokes and laughing at his own jokes. I miss that. My dad always made my day brighter just by being himself. I need to be more like him and just smile for no reason; just be happy with everything life throws at me no matter how bad it may be or may seem.

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