Monday, January 17, 2011

Little Moments

There are so many little moments in life I wouldn’t trade for anything. Little special times where something small seemed monumental. You can’t forget the beauty around you; you can’t help but love little pleasures that seem surreal. 
I love watching clouds roll by.
I love falling asleep content.
I love when I feel like there is no one else around.
I love sipping out of a straw when it’s almost empty.
I love laying on a blanket by the creek and watching the water rush by.
I love to pick up one tiny rock and listen to that one small rock as it hits the water. 
I love sleeping under the stars and your mind takes you everywhere and anywhere, but you just never can completely figure out everything—life is one big mystery.
I love echo lake and looking out in the morning before all the boats come out, staring and noticing how the sun reflects off it’s beautiful surface.
I love when I don’t let people down.
I love making popcorn and how it reminds me of home.
I love to run.
I love feeling sand under my feet.
I love when you can feel the sun warm on your cheeks.
I love when you are in a moment when you know you shouldn’t be anywhere else.
I love accomplishing goals.
I love feeling completely safe.
I love when you smile for no reason besides the fact that you love each new morning.
I love when I finish things before deadlines.
I love music. 
I love finding inspiration in little things around me.
I love being wrapped up in a big hug.
I love when the clock randomly decides to go by slowly at just the right moments.
I love when snowflakes are brilliantly large.
I love making Ryker smile.
I love looking up and letting big raindrops fall on my face.
I love dancing in the kitchen.
I love when the sky has pink and purple shades in it. 
I love sunrises.
I love the smell after it rains.
I love being addicted to the simple things.
I love cuddling in a blanket.
I love watching movies in the hallway.
I love sucking loudly on popsicles.
I love how simple it is to love people. 
It’s so easy to fall in love with perfect simple little moments. Just reach out and grab them. Don’t go half way. Don’t offer me half of a small and simple moment, expecting that to be enough for me. Each little thing, is not a little thing to me. 


  1. You're are the best blogger. I don't know what it is about your work, but it is uniquely different from anything I've ever read. It makes me want to discover ways to become a more proficient and creative blogger.

  2. I also agree with the aforementioned Carson.

  3. But can anyone really be sure as to who this "Carson" truly is?

    -The Real Carson

  4. I promise you. I am the real Carson. Don't believe any of these phoneys. Please.

  5. Lies! I am the REAL CARSON. My favorite color is Sage Green and I love ARC-170 spaceships.

  6. You, sir are a liar. Ain't nothing like the real thing babay. I AM REAL.

  7. Karlee you are awesome. Don't change.

    (The real Carson for life.)