Monday, July 19, 2010

My better halves...

Out in the world I am many things: too loud, too shy, too outgoing, too rude, too blond, too silly, too fat, too tall, too skinny, too outspoken, too short, too blunt, too immature. Sometimes I am a great listener and other times I could care less about listening to another story. Sometimes I am overly nice and other times impolite. Sometimes I care to much about what others think I forget how to have fun and just enjoy being me. My world is a circle filled with many different angles. Each angle represents a way others see me, or a way others would improve me. When your out in the world you get a little caught up in all these things. You begin trying to please everyone and you become more distant from yourself. I think I got a little to caught up in my circle and trying to fix every angle, but now I am realizing something. Karlee Renae Cahoon is herself for a reason. I don’t need to care how others see me! The only thing that matters is how I see me and how my Heavenly Father sees me. I realize that I am happiest when I am with my family because they don’t create angles for me they take them away. When I am with my family we have are up’s and down’s but in either scenario I feel perfect because with them I am me and who I want to be. With them I am too silly, too loud, too shy, too much of tease, too cocky, too rude, etc… however, when I am all these things with my family it is far different than when I am these things with my friends. The judgement in the eyes around me are different. This may be confusing and you may not follow what I am saying. I am not saying the rest of the world is against you because that is not true. To state it simply….I love my family, my best friend who always helped me be me, and those people who influenced me by how much they cared. Thank you everyone who loves me, everyone who is apart of my life, and everyone who goes the extra mile. Actions really do speak louder than simple words stated in passing or written on your facebook wall haha they are simply words. No matter where life takes me I will hold on to the memories I have of those who really cared. Those who looked for the great things I had to offer. Hopefully one day I will learn from my parents, coaches, teachers, and friends. I will become someone special in other peoples lives. I will believe in others because someone believed in me. Take control of the world and be the someone you want to be. Hold on to the people who help you do just that….. Wow things make way more sense in my head than when I type them out lol.

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