Monday, February 8, 2010

I really don't know what's come over me. I don't know who am I. Who am I trying to be? Why can't I find me? I'm driving around and every time I come to an intersection I take the wrong turn. So I try and recalculate to get back on the right street and I can't find it!! And people are telling me I shouldn't be on it anyway. Am I really such an awful person that I am so disliked as to be told to stay away from one of my favorite roads. My mind is telling me to turn one way. I look at the road I should take and see how amazing that path looks, but I watch as my hands take control and turn me in the opposite direction. I stare blindly at the clear road I left behind and wonder why my hands turned me towards a fog filled street with no answers. What can I do to make it right... How can I get myself on the right street... How can I let people see that that is the road I wish to be on.

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