Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh shabang.

It's been an awful few weeks.
Everything that could go wrong did.
I went in the ditch.
My grandparents were hit by a vehicle as they were crossing the street.
There were some huge miscommunications going on that went a little to far!
I got my wisdom teeth out.
I still have chunks of teeth stuck in there....crap.
I quit my job.
I'm still stuck paying for an apartment I'm not living in.
I didn't call and cancel my phone plan soon enough.

However, in between it all there were some things that went completely perfect.
You just have to look for the good and focus on it so the rest will seem small.

While visiting my grandma at the hospital I realized what an amazing person she is. 
While talking to the mom and sister of the man who hit her she said, " Can you please tell 'man' to come see me. Tell him I would love to talk to him. I know it must be so hard for him but this isn't his fault."

Then this is what she said when he did come to see her, " Oh 'name', I'm so happy you could come see me. I can't imagine what you are going through. (This coming from an 80 year old woman sitting in a hospital bed with a broken collarbone, broken pelvis, sore everywhere, and a husband who she hasn't seen since the accident and was then currently in a different hospital than herself getting tests done.) I am just so glad you could come see me. I've been trying to imagine how I would feel if I was in your shoes and I just cant. I'm just so happy to see you here." 
I wish I had recorded that moment.
 Could you blame this sweet little lady had she been angry with him? I think not, yet there she sat in pain worrying more about the healing process of this man than herself.

Sometimes in life people are put in a situation that will show us just who they really are. My grandma showed that in this weak moment when everything could have been centered around her she was only worried about the pain of others. I love her so much. She is so sweet.

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